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{ Monthly Archives } August 2013

Roast baby new potatoes

I’ve never been particularly keen on potatoes. They are a staple part of my diet, but I much prefer them to taste of something other than potato – such as roast potatoes with goose fat, mashed potato with lots of cream and cheese, or chips with vinegar. I simply won’t eat plain boiled potatoes, not […]

A Voice From Beyond the Grave

It’s a Bank Holiday today, so I’ve got the day off. I decided to spend at least some of it sorting out my new laptop – ripping CDs to iTunes, labelling photos, and generally making sure that it’s set up the way I want it. My previous laptop was so slow that it was really […]

Relativistic Cooking

I’ve been doing some more cooking from Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals. I don’t like the way that in many recipes he gets a lot of flavour in a very short cooking time by using lots of chilli – I can’t stand the stuff! But if one carefully reads the list of ingredients, his book contains […]

Boringly Normal

My work has been having a bit of a health kick recently. I think they reckon that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, so they’ve been offering free basic health screening, coupled with diet and exercise advice. It only took 15 minutes one lunch time, so I thought it was worth going along. My […]

Made it through the week

Wednesday was the third anniversary of Christopher’s death. I know it’s only a date, and only has significance if I choose to give it that, but it has still been a difficult week and I’ve been fighting off headaches and depression. I was invited round to lunch on Sunday by some close friends, and that […]

Pimms Jellies

It’s been so hot recently. Too hot to feel like cooking properly, and on occasions too hot for me to want to eat much either. I’ve been living off mostly salads, and bread / cheese / pâté for several weeks now. Which is fine during the week, but I do like to make more of […]

Sorting out my IT at last

I had a rather stressful, but ultimately successful day on Wednesday. For several years now (ever since Chris died, in fact) my home IT system has been getting gradually more and more ropey and unsupportable. It didn’t help that he set the network up in a way that made sense to him at the time, […]