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{ Monthly Archives } February 2012

Throwing with extreme prejudice

This isn’t a blog about my work, but it’s a major part of my life and regular readers may have detected a hint of work-related stress creeping into my posts over the last few weeks. What with long days, off-site meetings requiring 4-5 hours travelling, and milestones coming out of my ears, there’s a lot […]

Ouch that hurt!

I was just sitting at home this evening, playing solitaire on the computer and listening to a compilation of John Williams’ greatest hits. Suddenly, out of nowhere I felt really miserable. Then I realised that the music playing was Rodriguez’s Guitar Concerto, which had been one of Christopher’s favourites, and which I’d had playing at […]

Garden in the snow

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit for the weekend a couple of weeks ago – which coincided with the last load of snow. We were all worried that they wouldn’t be able to get away again and would be stuck here! But in the event, the snow was much lighter than forecast and […]

Fixing the TV

I watch very little television these days. I’ve never really been a huge consumer of TV, and tend to spend my down-time playing with Christopher’s iPad rather than sitting in front of the box. But when Malvern went over to digital Freeview last autumn, I dutifully (if somewhat grudgingly) bought a digibox and set it […]

Google’s new privacy policy

I saw the following on Doghousediaries and thought it was highly pertinent.  Christopher was really hot on privacy and trust on the internet, and would have been seething about some of the latest developments – not only this one from Google, but also the cack-handed US attempts to censor the web via SOPA etc.

Milestone Fever

It’s nearing the end of the Financial Year, and in my line of business that means one thing – it’s report season. This week I’ve been working through four customer milestone reports and two technical working papers, all of which needed to be delivered to their respective customers. I don’t write all the reports myself, […]

A missing year

I was idly thinking over the weekend how old I was and how long I’ve been working for my company. In both cases, the answer I came up with at first was a year lower than the actual value. That fits, in a funny way, with the feeling I regularly have that Chris died just […]

Supersize Polyphony

I don’t often go out in the evenings at the moment, as I’m still getting far too tired. But there was a concert on at Malvern Theatres this evening that I particularly wanted to see, so I made a big effort. In fact, the recent snow made it a bigger effort than I had anticipated […]

Very annoying junk mail

I don’t get a great deal of junk post addressed to Christopher any more, and most of that seems to be from the car dealers that we bought our Mini from, trying to get him to upgrade. Fat chance! I have every intention of running that car into the ground and don’t expect to change […]

Making the most of my TOIL

The acronym for Time Off In Lieu is highly appropriate – one only manages to accrue it when one’s been toiling away. And, as Sam pointed out in a comment yesterday, I’ve certainly been building up a fair amount of extra hours throughout January. In fact, for the last two weeks I’ve done a full […]