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{ Monthly Archives } April 2014

A Week of Workmen

It’s been a busy week, with more than its fair share of workmen – and it’s only Wednesday! My regular, non-emergency, and reasonably-priced plumber is back. He came round on Monday morning to try to fix a dripping cistern in the bathroom. The toilet has been getting tricky to flush, and the cistern doesn’t seem […]

The Play That Goes Wrong

On Saturday afternoon I went to the matinée of the current play that’s on at Malvern Theatres. It was on at the Edinburgh Festival, then in the West End, and now seems to be on tour. It’s called The Play That Goes Wrong and is effectively a farce, so I really should have known better. […]

Vikings: Live

The British Museum has one of its so-called “Blockbuster” exhibitions on at the moment, about the Vikings. It’s had some pretty good write-ups in the press, all concentrating on the central exhibit, the remains of a full-sized Viking longship. My parents have both visited the exhibition, but were somewhat underwhelmed – they said that the […]

Widow’s Discount?

I was replanting my herb garden on Friday – the rosemary and sage had suffered over the winter, and I wanted some more thyme and chives. I filled up the watering can to give the plants a good watering-in, and realised I had a problem. The outside tap wouldn’t turn off! It felt like the […]

Comfy Bed

I’ve had the new bed, mattress, and memory foam mattress-topper several weeks now, and they definitely are making a difference. You can buy the mattress-toppers in a range of depths, typically from 1″ to 4″, and I chose 3″ deep as a compromise between comfort, weight and cost. Too thin, and my bony hips won’t […]

Another request for the Posthumous Photographer

I closed down and deleted most of Christopher’s social media accounts soon after he died. Twitter, and in particular Facebook, were just too intrusive, sending him emails to say that his friends hadn’t heard from him for a while – yes, well, there was a very good reason for that……  About the only account I […]

Madresfield Court

I had a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon yesterday. I’d applied to the Estates Office for an invitation to take a guided tour around Madresfield Court, the closest thing that Malvern has to a Stately Home. I was sent joining instructions, and told to be in the “playroom” in the Stable Block ten minutes before […]

New Bed

Since even my boss has asked me for an update on the Bed Saga, I’m pleased to be able to announce that the new, new bed was delivered on Tuesday. That’s the replacement for the original new bed, which never seemed to be any closer than three weeks away. I took Tuesday morning off to […]