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{ Monthly Archives } November 2016

Edging closer to a functional shower…..

The saga of replacing the shower still isn’t over, though I hope I can see the end in sight at last. The plumber has been back to grout the tiles, and has actually done a pretty reasonable job. The new tiles don’t match the original ones, as those are now obsolete. Fortunately, however, I had […]

More emails from Beyond

It’s that time of year again when I get a flurry of emails from Christopher, or rather from a Google Calendar that he set up before he was ill. They are a series of reminders about the house and car – “Empty septic tank”, “Service central heating”, “Get quote for house insurance renewal” and the […]

Christopher’s Tree 2016

When I met up with Christopher’s stepfather, Peter, for lunch a few months ago, he promised to send me some up to date pictures of Christopher’s Tree. It’s getting to be an adolescent now, not a sapling any more, and is doing well on a patch of ground owned by the Woodland Trust near to […]

Too many trips to Town

Sorry for the lack of posts – I’ve just been far too busy to find time to blog. Every week recently I’ve had an all-day meeting in London, and it’s leaving me exhausted. One upside though is that, rather than getting a hideously early train from Malvern, I’ve gone down to London the night before […]