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{ Monthly Archives } May 2013

Lights Out

I noticed yesterday evening that the light in the cloakroom in the extension wasn’t working – so my first thought was that the bulb had blown. That’s always particularly annoying in a bathroom, as the light fittings are totally enclosed in a globe-like shade, so I couldn’t easily even tell what sort of replacement bulb […]

Covered in freckles

I spent the morning back at Eastnor Pottery, throwing some lidded pots. Well, I say “some” – I was actually on a bit of a roll and threw ten pots and ten lids. They won’t all form matching pairs though – I was throwing “freehand” without weighing the lumps of clay or using calipers to […]

Bluebells on the Hills

The bluebells are late this year – they are usually out in full bloom for the last week in April, but the appalling long cold winter has put them behind, like just about everything else. However, they have been well worth waiting for. I went for a walk on the Malvern Hills this afternoon, along […]

The Long Earth

After buying the Pompeii catalogue on Monday, I still had a few pounds left on my book token, and since I’d made a special effort to get to the Worcester Waterstones to spend it, there was no way I was going to walk out of the shop without having spent the last penny! So I […]

A brief interlude in Worcester

It really comes to something when the highlight of my week is a trip to the dentist! I’ve been going to the same dental practice in Worcester for over thirty years, ever since I was at school in the city. It’s not as convenient as having a dentist based in Malvern, but I know and […]

Rich Hall at Malvern Theatres

Work is very intense at the moment, with two big projects both building towards major equipment trials. If I’m not careful, my life at the moment would consist of little more than work, work, more work, with overtime on top. So I think it’s important to deliberately build in some fun, non-work things to look […]

A trip to the Vampires

I gave blood yesterday, in the rather insalubrious setting of Malvern Rugby Club. It’s something I’ve done for years, as I think it’s one’s civic duty to do so if one can. And seeing what a huge difference a blood transfusion made to Christopher’s quality of life when he was ill, has made me even […]

Another day at the pottery

I went back to Eastnor Pottery last weekend to do some more work on the tagines I threw last time. As I suspected, the lids needed a lot of clay shaving off the tip of the cone to make them a reasonable thickness all the way up. But then they looked a bit stumpy, so […]