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A Voice From Beyond the Grave

It’s a Bank Holiday today, so I’ve got the day off. I decided to spend at least some of it sorting out my new laptop – ripping CDs to iTunes, labelling photos, and generally making sure that it’s set up the way I want it. My previous laptop was so slow that it was really […]

Librivox tribute to Chris

Those nice people over at Librivox have included a tribute to Chris in their anniversary podcast, which is available at There is a short piece about Chris right after the beginning. Note that it includes an extract of him reading William Wilberforce’s speech on abolishing slavery – so if you do listen to […]

Resonance across the ages

I was lying in bed the other night, struggling to get to sleep, when out of nowhere a poem popped into my mind. It was one I’d learned off by heart at school by the Ancient Greek poet Callimachus. I wouldn’t want you to think that I habitually spout poetry to myself at night, as […]

Recording for LibriVox

I’ve mentioned LibriVox quite a few times on this blog, but although I’ve been carrying out my duties as an admin on the site, I haven’t recorded anything for a long time. Someone posted a rather nice comment about an earlier recording recently which inspired me to get out my microphone again. Tonight I recorded, […]

LibriVox needs your help

Since it was founded four and a half years ago, LibriVox has run on donations of hardware and time. We have literally no money and no income. In that time we have produced well over 3,000 audio books, and placed them all into the public domain. Our book production rate is growing constantly and we […]

A little help from my friends

I’ve written enough about myself for a while, that I must write about some of the people who are being so supportive and helpful. Richard and David have fetched shopping and prescriptions, driving through nasty conditions to do so, when Gillian felt that she couldn’t safely leave me on my own. A lifeline, to say […]

Tom Brown’s School Days is finished

I have just finished the recording of Tom Brown’s School Days that I have been doing for LibriVox. This is my first solo project, and I’m very pleased with it. Now that I’ve finished, though, perhaps it’s time to think about what the book meant to me. I remembered the book from the 1970’s BBC […]

Fanny Hill

Fanny Hill is a famous, nay notorious, novel by John Cleland, whose heroine is a self-described woman of pleasure. The edition I read was the LibriVox audio version, recorded by multiple readers in the early part of 2006. It is the story of a young girl (she is no more than 20 years old at […]

Frost at Midnight

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Frost at Midnight is the fortnightly poem at the moment on LibriVox. It forms a circular journey of linked thoughts, starting with the frost on the window and moving through the writer’s own thoughts, to contemplations about his baby, sleeping in his arms. Next the fluttering flame in the grate reminds […]

LibriVox book-a-week club

On LibriVox some of us are trying to read a book a week for the whole of 2008. I’ll try to keep a record here of my books. As you might imagine, not all of my books will be printed. I love listening to audio books, some from LibriVox, others by podcasters, and yet others […]