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{ Monthly Archives } February 2014

Once more unto the breach……

I would have thought that after three and a half years, all the companies that Christopher dealt with would have got the message that he is dead. But apparently not. I waded into battle with unfeeling and impersonal “Customer Services” once more yesterday afternoon. This time it was Orange, who sent Christopher a letter about […]


It’s been an extremely wet winter, but a very mild one. My lawn (or rather, area of moss and daisies) is absolutely sodden, but at least the mole has kept away. With a bit of luck, it’s drowned! I’ve not been snowed in, nor had to dig myself out, all winter. There’s time yet of […]

Christmas part II

My sister and her husband have been visiting me for the weekend, and brought with them those Christmas presents that I couldn’t (and in one case, wouldn’t) carry home on the train.  As a family, we don’t really “do” Christmas, mostly buying each other games, puzzles and other non-serious gifts. I was pleased to be […]

Another side effect of the weather

I ordered a new bed five weeks ago, on an estimated four week delivery schedule. But I’ve heard nothing since, so I called the furniture shop on Saturday to ask what’s going on, and was told that the new mattress has arrived in their store room, but there was no sign of the bed frame. […]

The Perfect Murder

I hate Valentine’s Day. When Christopher was alive, we never bothered with it – just laughed at the over-priced cards and flowers, and the loved-up couples having excruciating “romantic” dinners for two while the restaurants made excessive profits. But now I’m widowed, I really don’t like the insistent insinuation that smug coupledom is the only […]

Wild Weather

There was yet another major storm yesterday. The hailstorm was so intense that it set off the car alarms in the car park at work! The winds were really high, with many branches down between home and work and even some dustbin lids bowling down the road. There are floods in Worcester and Upton that […]

A Very Gluttonous Weekend

It’s a year since I went away with some friends from work to the Pudding Club, and I can’t really believe that a whole year has gone by since that extremely gluttonous experience! But the weekend has indeed come around again, and I spent it stuffing my face! The six other women on the trip […]

The Big Community Switch

It seems to be accepted advice that one should switch electricity suppliers every few years to make sure you get the best value for money. Indeed, I’ve read in the Money pages of the Sunday papers that if you don’t switch regularly, you’re very likely to be paying well over the odds. But it all […]

Hobnail boots

Mice clog-dancing in the loft seems very loud. But two men in heavy working boots clambering about on the roof is even louder! The builders came around yesterday morning and found what they think caused the leak in the roof above the spare bedroom – two cracked tiles. They’ve replaced those, and for good measure […]