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Scattering the ashes

Christopher used to holiday in Cornwall as a child, and had very happy memories of the county. So I thought it was only right to scatter some of his ashes whilst I was down there. The spot I chose was very peaceful – a stream coming out of the small cave you can see just […]

End of financial year overload

It’s coming to the end of the financial year – both for the company and for our main customers. So there is huge pressure on us all to finish projects, write up final reports, give presentations and demonstrations, and of course to bid for follow on work for next financial year. Every year we promise […]

Overcome by the fumes…..

For many, many years now, I’ve had regular back and shoulder massages. It started years ago, long before Christopher was ill, when I was having a stressful time at work and was getting a string of migraines. One of the women at work recommended Fiona, as a very competent masseuse. She’s got really strong thumbs […]

The mice are back….

The weather has got colder and wetter, and so the mice have moved back into my attic – as they do every year. I’ve had to call out Martin, my friendly neighbourhood pest controller, to put more bait down in the loft. But it’s not an instantaneous solution, and things tend to get worse before […]

Running out of showers

The best shower in the house is, or rather was, the one in the extension. It’s a mixer shower, built into the wall, and since we upgraded the hot water system to be full mains pressure, it made for a very good invigorating shower. Unfortunately, there was something of a design flaw with the mixer […]

Catching up with the news

Through complete coincidence, I’ve had a bit of a binge recently catching up with Christopher’s friends and family and getting up to date with the news and gossip. First, I had my annual lunch with Peter, Christopher’s stepfather. Peter goes on holiday every summer to visit some friends of his in the depths of Wales, […]

Letting slip what they really think?

It’s Referendum Day today. I did my civic duty this morning and voted on my way in to work. For the first time that I can remember, there was quite a long queue at the Polling Station at the village hall. I’ve always walked straight in before, but not this time. Which I suppose could […]

A brief trip to York

I seem to be doing a tour of Northern universities at the moment. Three weeks ago it was the Engineering Department at Durham; this week I’ve been visiting the Physics department at York University. I really wasn’t comfortable with going all the way there and back in a day, as it would have been a […]

Do Not Adjust the Pictures….

I’m gradually getting used to my new glasses. My distance and middle-distance vision is noticeably improved, and I’m certainly finding it easier to drive in the evenings – much less flare from oncoming headlights. It feels like my close vision is slightly worse than before – I can still read ok, but small print is […]

New Glasses

I’m very short-sighted and have worn glasses since I was about seven years old. For many years now, my eyesight has been dreadful, but remarkably stable. I get my eyes tested regularly, and each year I’ve been told that the change in prescription was too small to justify getting a new set of spectacles. So […]