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Pimms Jellies

It’s been so hot recently. Too hot to feel like cooking properly, and on occasions too hot for me to want to eat much either. I’ve been living off mostly salads, and bread / cheese / pâté for several weeks now. Which is fine during the week, but I do like to make more of an effort on Saturday nights, and salads (no matter how inventive) feel like cheating. So I decided to jazz up dinner last Saturday by making a Pimms jelly.

I bought a small can of ready-mixed Pimms and lemonade, diluted it a bit further with the dregs of a bottle of cloudy lemonade that was lurking in the fridge and needed using up, added a bit of extra sugar and some leaf gelatine. I then chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it looked as if it might be prepared to set eventually, then decanted it into individual glasses with strawberries, red currants and cucumber. The food-miles on the fruit were pretty low – I bought juicy, fat Ledbury-grown strawberries from the greengrocers, and the red-currants were from my back garden. The birds seem to have stripped most of the berries, but there were enough left to use as a garnish. Then it all went back into the fridge until it was set.

I had one for dessert on Saturday night and it was absolutely delicious, and really tasted of summer. It was still very slightly fizzy, which was an added bonus. Well worth the effort involved in making it. And I had enough jellies left over to treat myself on Sunday and Monday too.