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{ Monthly Archives } June 2012

A week at Fawlty Towers

I’ve spent the last week supporting an equipment trial at our Hampshire offices, so I’ve been living out of a suitcase at the same hotel I stayed at last week. The receptionist remembered me, and the fuss I’d made about the Sausage Incident, so I managed to negotiate for a colleague and me to get […]

Dinner chez Marco-Pierre White

It was a good job that Tim the pest-controller was able to fit me in on Tuesday to deal with the mice, because I spent the rest of the week away on business at our Hampshire offices. That involved staying overnight for two nights, and it’s always a major challenge finding somewhere to stay that […]

Waiting for the Mouse-man

I really shouldn’t have moaned about being woken up by the dawn chorus. 04:29 is a veritable lie-in compared to being awoken by tap-dancing, heavy-partying rodents at 3am! Yes, the mice are back in my loft, and as usual are living it up directly above my bed. They usually aren’t much of a nuisance over […]

The Dawn Chorus

I never thought I’d say this, but I shall be relieved once the Summer Solstice is over next week and the nights start drawing in again. I really enjoy the light evenings, and it’s so much less depressing in the summer when I can go to work and come home in daylight, rather than in […]

Gardening Leave

No, I haven’t been sent home from work in disgrace. I have quite literally been on gardening leave today – I put in an annual-leave request to my boss with the express intent of spending it gardening. Christopher’s college friend Carol and her partner Mark came here yesterday with a car full of garden implements, […]

Another tradesman comes to call…..

Our friend Carol is planning on visiting tomorrow, weather permitting. And since she keeps teasing me about my apparent inability to go more than 10 days without a visit from a tradesman, it was clearly incumbent on me to have someone turn up beforehand to do something about the house / car / garden! Today’s […]

Jubilee Beacon

Malvern has been making a big fuss about the Diamond Jubilee holiday, with street parties and “fun for all the family”. But I really wasn’t feeling in the mood for a party, so I just hunkered down at home and ignored as much of it as I could. On Monday night the celebrations culminated with […]

Oh darn it!

It’s got a bit colder over the last few days (inevitable I suppose since it’s a Bank Holiday) so I looked out my cardigan to put on. I’ve been attacked by clothes-moths! The cardigan was absolutely full of holes! I’m not particularly bothered about wearing the latest fashions, but even I draw the line at […]

Found another stash of his clothes……

I thought that by now I had recycled/donated to charity all of Christopher’s clothes. So I was rather surprised and a bit upset when I came across another stash of them that needed to be dealt with. There were several of his jackets and coats which had been hiding in full view in the hall […]