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{ Monthly Archives } June 2011

More trouble with the roof

I went up to the top of the garden on Saturday, thinking about all the work that would be needed there. I happened to look down on the house (the first terrace is pretty much as high as the house, the upper terraces are considerably higher). Hang on, I thought, I’m sure the roof ought […]

Arguing with npower

All our utility bills were in Christopher’s name, so when he died one of the  things I had to do was to move them all into my name. Our electricity supplier was npower, and they responded very quickly acknowledging the situation and returning the death certificate. So I’ve been rather narked that all the bills […]

Saturday Lunch

As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, Chris used to do all the cooking. But while he was happy to cook dinner every evening, he flatly refused to cook Saturday lunch. He wasn’t keen on making Sunday lunch either, but that was usually left-overs from Saturday dinner so was less of an issue. But no […]

Deleting the facebook account

I’ve been reading in the press recently that lots of people are getting disenchanted with facebook and deactivating their accounts. And that reminded me that Chris had an account with them, although I don’t think he used it very much. I have, however, been getting annoying reminders from facebook telling him that he hasn’t checked […]

Insulted by my pullover

I bought a new sweater this week – nothing special, just a lightweight cotton/linen mix sleeveless pullover that will do fine to wear for work. And I got it in the  sale which is a bonus. But when I put it on, I noticed that the label said: “US   S; UK   S; DE   S; […]

Changing the answerphone message

Up until now, I’ve kept the old outgoing message on our answerphone, which was Chris saying “I’m afraid we can’t come to the phone at the moment…..” etc etc.  I rather liked being able to listen to his voice whenever I wanted to.  Also, since I’m dealing with a load of workmen at the moment […]

Lunch with my ex-stepfather-inlaw

I was trying to explain to a colleague at work today whom it was that I had arranged to have lunch with today. I decided that the technical term for my relationship with my late husband’s step-father surely had to be my “ex-stepfather-in-law”.  Anyway, whatever the technicalities, Peter was on his way home from a […]

Locked in the Ladies

I’d arranged to meet an ex-colleague of Christopher’s today for lunch – in fact he was one of the friends who spoke at the funeral. I’d chosen a pleasant little restaurant in Malvern which was one of Christopher’s favourites – it does good Mediterranean-style food at a reasonable price. My work laptop broke this morning, […]

sharp knives again at last

Chris not only used to do all the cooking, but he was in charge of just about everything in the kitchen, including the knives. He was very fussy about keeping them sharp, saying that a blunt knife does more damage than a sharp one. He had a steel, which he used regularly (at least weekly, […]

The garden: preferred solution

I’ve blogged about the solutions that Chris and I had considered for the garden and rejected. That made me explicitly consider what I needed from a potential solution: Affordable Less ugly than the current concrete blocks Low (or preferably zero)  maintenance Taking up as little additional space as possible I put these constraints to  the […]