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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

Pulling Handles

I spent most of today at Eastnor Pottery, working on a set of jugs and matching saucers. Last time I was there, about two months ago, I threw a number of jug bodies and saucers, more than I actually need, to allow for wastage. Jon the Potter let them dry out overnight to a “leather-hard” […]

Nearly lost the blog!

Christopher initially set this blog up using WordPress. As he started getting sicker and I started writing more status updates on his behalf, he changed the permissions on the blog to allow me to do so. But he didn’t give me full “ownership” access, or tell me his password, nor did he show me how […]

Mole trouble

I have a mole in my garden, making a complete mess of my lawn. It’s not even contenting itself with a few discreet molehills. These are apparently feeding tunnels, just underneath the ground surface, and all have appeared since the weekend. It looks like a young child has scribbled all over my lawn – it’s […]

The greengrocers is no more

Until very recently there was an independent greengrocers shop on the main street in Malvern. The fruit and veg there wasn’t necessarily as beautiful as the offerings in a supermarket – the potatoes often had soil on them, which would never be allowed in Waitrose! – but it was much cheaper. And Pete the proprietor […]

Back at work for a week

….and already my holiday feels like a long time ago. It’s hard to believe that this time last week I was sitting at Rome airport waiting for my delayed flight home, and still drying out from the thorough soaking at Ostia that morning. Overall, it was a very good holiday, though it was rather bitter-sweet […]

Underneath the flight path

Saturday was the last day of the holiday, and we flew home from Rome Fiumicino airport. But the flight wasn’t until the afternoon, which gave us the whole morning to explore the area around the airport. It so happens that the flight path on the approach to Rome lies directly over Ostia Antica, the old […]

Visiting the Vatican Museums

On Thursday evening we had a change from Ancient Rome and turned our attention to Papal Rome, with a lecture before dinner on St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Then on Friday morning we piled into another fleet of taxis to take us to the Vatican Museum. It is the most popular museum in […]

Scattering the Ashes – part four

One of my reasons for deciding to go to Rome was because it was the first place that that Christopher and I went on holiday together, in 1990. We spent a week exploring the city and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves seeing many of the sights. So I felt that he would really approve of me scattering […]

A few days in Rome

Sorry for the break in transmission for the past week, but I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been on holiday in Rome. I joined a group tour run by Christopher’s and my favourite holiday company, Andante. They are rather an unusual company, owned and run by archaeologists, who run very interesting trips which are a […]

Spring Cleaning?

I hardly think that the weather has inspired me to do some spring cleaning – it snowed heavily all Wednesday morning, and was completely un-springlike. But I have taken advantage of the fact that I’ve been off work all week to do some more tidying up and sorting out things that I’ve simply not had […]