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{ Monthly Archives } November 2014

They surely should have known better

Christopher got a letter today from the NHS. I opened it with considerable annoyance – surely they should have known that he was dead, since he died under their jurisdiction! The letter said that his medical exemption certificate to give him free prescriptions was about to expire, and would he please renew it. Since he […]

Turning and Decorating

Work has been extremely busy for the past month or more. I had a major meeting with my customer and suppliers, which needed a lot of preparation. Consequently, I’ve been working a lot of overtime and feeling rather stressed. So it was really good to spend Sunday at Eastnor pottery. I wasn’t throwing this time, […]

The Show Must Go On

This afternoon I went to the matinee of the J.B. Priestley play Dangerous Corner at Malvern Theatres. It’s a murder mystery play, in which a chance remark at a dinner party reopens the apparently closed matter of the suicide of a family member the previous year. More and more skeletons come tumbling out of the […]

Cropthorne Autonomous House

I went on a most interesting visit yesterday, to the Cropthorne Autonomous House, claimed by the owners to be the most energy-efficient house in the country. It’s a long story, which started a good few years ago, when Christopher and I were getting our extension built. We planned to replace our existing detached garage, which […]

One thing after another

I blame my mother entirely. She phoned me up shortly after I’d had the bathroom finished, and told me to make sure I enjoyed the next half hour – as after that I’d have to start on the next round of maintaining and renovating the house! She clearly put a jinx on it, as I’ve […]

Something Big and Hungry in the Attic…..

I’ve been having ongoing problems with noises in the attic all summer and autumn. Martin (the brother-in-law of Tim my original pest controller) has been back here multiple times to put poison down in the loft to try to get rid of the vermin. In the past that’s always worked, at least temporarily. But not […]