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Podiobooks and iTunes

Getting an audiobook from onto an ipod can be tricky. This is how I do it. It’s a bit sketchy, but I hope it has enough details so that you can see what is going on.

First, join and select a book. Release all the sections of the book. You will be given a link to your own RSS feed. Copy the link’s value into your clipboard.

Next, fire up iTunes to subscribe to the podcast.

Subscribe to podcast

This brings up a dialogue box into which you paste the copied feed URL.

Subscribe to podcast dialogue box

Subscribe to podcast dialogue box

When you hit OK, the podcast’s first episode will start to download. Note the orange twirler next to the podcast feed’s name.

Subscription started

It looks as though everything is going well, except that only one episode is being downloaded. This is Apple trying to be helpful, by assuming that even though you have newly subscribed to a podcast you don’t really want to download all the available episodes. Perhaps in normal circumstances they’d be right. Not this time. You don’t want to stop at just the first episode, you want them all. Click the triangle next to the feed’s name. It will open to show all the available episodes, of which just one is being downloaded at the moment.

View entire feed

At the top of the feed you will now see a “GET ALL” button. Click that, and all the episodes will be scheduled for download.

Once you have them all, you can set up a smalrt playlist, which will make it easier to listen to the podcast as an audio book.

Smart Playlist

Smart Playlist

Set the Album rule to the Album for your audio book, and leave the Play Count rule at “is 0”. Make sure that the Match All Rules check box is selected. Set your ipod to synchronize this smart playlist, and when you select the play list’s name on your ipod, it will start playing the audio book where you left off.