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{ Monthly Archives } September 2016

Edinburgh trams

I’ve spent most of the week up in Edinburgh, at the main international conference in my particular technical field. It was held in a huge conference centre near Haymarket station, and even the thousand or so delegates didn’t completely fill it. What was nice is that it’s clearly the “right” conference for me – not […]

Two showers working, one more to go

I can confirm that tying the shower head in place with a J-cloth is not a satisfactory solution to a broken shower clamp. Fortunately, Rob the decorator was able to fit in a spot of handyman duties, and came round to sort out the new fittings after he’d finished painting for the day. I was […]

A Dorset Wedding

I recently spent a weekend in the depths of rural Dorset at the wedding of a friend and ex-colleague. I well remember that I was writing a bid with L, the bridegroom, whilst Christopher was extremely ill. So I was going into work each the morning, working on the bid, and then dashing off to […]

Running out of showers

The best shower in the house is, or rather was, the one in the extension. It’s a mixer shower, built into the wall, and since we upgraded the hot water system to be full mains pressure, it made for a very good invigorating shower. Unfortunately, there was something of a design flaw with the mixer […]

Chinese State Circus

I rather enjoyed watching the Olympic gymnastics on the telly last month, so when I saw that the Chinese State Circus was in town, at the Malvern Theatres, I thought I’d treat myself to a standby ticket to today’s matinee. Normally, when I go to a Saturday matinee at the theatre, it’s full of coach […]

Back at Fawlty Towers

My work seems to go in cycles, depending on what projects I’m working on. A few years ago, I was involved in an equipment trial down at our Hampshire office, and spent a lot of time staying at a hotel that could easily have passed for Fawlty Towers. But the last few years, I’ve been running […]