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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Some respite for us both

By Gillian This stay in the hospice has given us both a bit of a break. Chris is being professionally nursed, his condition monitored and his medication adjusted, in remarkably pleasant and peaceful surroundings, and I am having some welcome respite from being totally responsible for him. Much as I love him, I feel as […]

Hospice update, day 4

By Gillian When I got to the hospice this afternoon to see Chris, I found him being given a back, shoulder and neck massage by one of the aromatherapists. I had to give a wry smile, as he’s usually very very sceptical about complementary therapists. I find a regular massage essential to keep my shoulders […]

Sunset yellow vomit

By Gillian Those of a squeamish disposition should scroll down to the final paragraph for the status update! One of the more surreal parts of the whole hideous weekend was that when Christopher threw up, the vomit was usually a bright yellow. And I mean BRIGHT yellow. Almost day-glow in fact. Which was odd because […]

Hospice update, day 2

By Gillian I went to the hospice this afternoon to see how Chris was doing. He was asleep most of the time I was there, so it was a good job I’d taken a book with me. They’ve put him on a continuous pump of pain-killer and anti-emetic drugs, to keep a more or less […]

Admitted to the hospice

By Gillian We’ve had a truly dreadful weekend. Chris has had uncontrollable vomiting all weekend – he couldn’t keep anything down, not even water or his pills, so the pain was getting bad too, and he was getting very weak from lack of food and drink. Of all the weekends my sister could have chosen […]

A false dawn

By Gillian When Chris posted last on Thursday afternoon, things were looking up and he was feeling quite a bit better. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. He threw up Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast and dinner, and breakfast and mid-afternoon tea today. He’s spent almost all day today in bed feeling ghastly, though he did get up […]

Visiting the consultants

Yesterday I saw the palliative care consultant, and was scheduled to see the oncology consultant. I spent a long time with the palliative care consultant, and by the end of the meeting it really wasn’t necessary to see the oncology consultant, as we had covered all my signs and symptoms in the first meeting. The […]

A rather grotty day

By Gillian Thanks to everyone who has commented here or spoken to me at work to hope that Chris will start feeling less grotty soon. We hope so too. He has been feeling sick pretty much all the time for the past week, and his anti-emetic drugs really aren’t working any more. He’s really struggling […]

Post chemo week 8 status

What a week! I feel as though I have been vomiting all week, although I managed to avoid it on Friday morning, I have sacrificed my morning cup of tea every other day since Monday. I vomited twice this morning for good measure. It was so bad that I phoned the palliative care nurse to […]

Murdered to Death

By Gillian We’re determined to try to do interesting things this summer while we can, rather than sitting at home and feeling sorry for ourselves.  There is a very good local theatre in Malvern and we are making a point of going there once a month or so. Chris isn’t really up to going out […]