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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

The mice are back….

I’ve been sleeping very badly lately, which has been at least partly due to mice returning to the loft. Just as I’m about to drop off, there is a “scrabble scrabble scrabble” sound as a mouse runs from one end of the loft above my bedroom to the other end – right above my head. […]

The Worcestershire Hoard

I’ve got tons of annual leave to use up before Christmas, and an edict has come down from on high at work to “use it or lose it”, so I booked the day off today. The main task of the day was to get the car serviced and through its MOT test, so I couldn’t […]

Able to see out again

One of the unexpected side-effects now that Christopher is no longer here is that I’m having to get my hair cut more often. I absolutely hate spending time and money at the hairdressers (that’s probably obvious to anyone who has ever met me……) and Chris was always happy to trim my fringe when it got […]

Another day at the pottery

I spent most of today at Eastnor Pottery, practising my throwing. I don’t actually need any more plates/bowls/mugs at the moment – I have a house full of them already and haven’t broken any recently to necessitate making more. And it’s too close to Christmas now for me to be able to get anything thrown, […]

Covering up the water stains

This cold is getting worse, and has now moved decisively to my chest, giving me a hacking cough that is keeping me awake at night. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, even though I know it’s just a bog-standard winter cold. But I’ve had a strong incentive to get up and get going the last […]

Theatre trip: Season’s Greetings

Yesterday I went to the matinée performance of Alan Ayckbourn’s 1980s Christmas classic,  Season’s Greetings. It seems to come around every few years, and I’d seen it before with Christopher, so I thought I’d enjoy it. I had forgotten just how black the comedy is in this particular play. It is an uncompromising portrait of […]

Restocking the fridge

Waitrose reopened today! What a relief!  I said to the woman on the till that it was great to have them back, but that they seemed to have moved absolutely everything. Nothing is where it was and even finding something as basic as milk wasn’t straightforward. No doubt I’ll get used to it in time. […]

Oxytocin Levels

Our workplace used to have a pretty good Occupational Health service. There was an on-site nurse who knew the staff, knew our problems, and was able to make sensible recommendations about how to overcome them, or at least to make reasonable adjustments to our work so that we could cope better. She was very helpful […]

A very middle-class problem

Waitrose in Malvern has closed for a week for refurbishment, and you can’t get much more of a middle class discomfort than that! In my case, not only is my preferred purveyor of good quality food unavailable, but I expect my social life to take a nose-dive too – as on almost every shopping trip […]

The Posthumously Published Photographer

About the only online account of Christopher’s which I haven’t deleted is his one with the photo-sharing site, Flickr. That’s partly because I like to go there every so often and look at his photos, but mostly because it gives me very little hassle. So I was very surprised, about two weeks ago, when I […]