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{ Monthly Archives } November 2013

Dead Mouse

The mouse poison seems to have done the trick for now. I haven’t heard any scrabblings in the walls or ceiling for at least a fortnight. However, I strongly suspect that there is a dead mouse in the loft directly above my larder. Not actually in my larder, thankfully – the periodic infestation seems to […]

A busy weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. I met up with an ex-colleague of Christopher’s for lunch yesterday. He left the company around the same time that Chris did, and moved away from Malvern, so we only get to meet up about once a year. We went to lunch at the pub at the top of the […]

Genetic Testing – an update

The story do far – due to a very significant pattern of breast cancer going back several generations on my mother’s side of the family, my sister and I are on an annual mammography screening programme. Meanwhile, Birmingham Women’s Hospital are undertaking genetic sequencing of our grandmother’s tumour (stored by Liverpool hospital for over 30 […]

Richard II

Over the years, I’ve probably seen most of Shakespeare’s comedies, and a good few of his tragedies, but very, very few of the History Plays. In fact, the only one I can remember seeing is Anthony and Cleopatra many years ago with Vanessa Redgrave (I think) as Cleopatra. What I do remember very clearly is […]

If it’s not one thing, it’s another……

The good news is that the electrician came back in between the rain showers on Saturday and replaced one of my external PIR lights, so that now works. It makes a real difference now that it’s dark in the evenings to have a light come on automatically – I can see to find my way […]

The Duck House

Last week, Malvern Theatres was showing a new play, The Duck House, starring Ben Miller, prior to it transferring to the West End. I wasn’t originally planning on going to see it – it’s a farce, and I don’t normally bother with those. Christopher really wasn’t at all keen on farces, finding them very silly, […]

Fixing the electrics

For the past week or so, I’ve been having problems with the light in my bathroom. It was getting increasingly reluctant to turn on – which is a pretty fundamental requirement for a light! Sometimes it agreed to work if I turned it on, off, and then back on again, and sometimes it wouldn’t come […]

Honesty pays – or at least gets a discount

I was sitting surfing away on my new laptop last week, when a thought struck me. I’d hired in a sysadmin for most of a day back in August to help me set up the system. I had also had a follow-up by telephone when the printer stopped working, and a diagnosis on Christopher’s old […]