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{ Monthly Archives } March 2016

Ladybird Books for Grown-ups

When I was a child, I absolutely loved the Ladybird Books series. I pretty much learned to read from the Ladybird Book of Ancient Egypt, and it certainly fired me up with an early and enduring interest in ancient history. I also clearly remember reading the “Peter and Jane and Pat the dog” books with […]

Daffodil Envy

On my way into work, I pass several banks and grass verges which are covered in daffodils. They look really lovely at this time of year. Try as I might, I simply can’t get daffodils to do well in my garden. Or crocuses either, for that matter. Christopher and I must have planted well over […]

Enlivening the long journey home

I had a meeting in Greater London last week that involved a long and tedious (taxi and three trains, five hour) journey home. The train line through the Cotswolds to Malvern is notorious for being little more than a branch line, with slow trains that stop at pretty much every village, and very short platforms […]

Alan Ayckbourn’s Confusions

Malvern Theatres seems to be having a bit of a binge on Alan Ayckbourn comedies at the moment. I saw Round and Round the Garden just a few weeks ago, and last week they had not one but two productions alternating throughout the week, Hero’s Welcome and Confusions, both directed by the man himself.  I couldn’t get to Hero’s […]

Another crash!

There was another crash today on the same bend that the fire engine came to grief on. That’s two in only five days at exactly the same place. Just after lunchtime today, a Saab convertible (clearly someone’s pride and joy) was coming down the hill, presumably too fast for the conditions. It appears to have […]

Surely that fire engine shouldn’t be parked there?!

There was some unaccustomed excitement on my way home from work yesterday. I was driving home as normal in the afternoon, but when I got to the top of the hill, at British Camp, there was a police car parked across the road, blue lights flashing, barring my way. There was a very cold and […]