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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

….and a hook for the bathroom door

I took another donation along to the hospice on Thursday, in addition to an envelope full of cheques. I didn’t want to give it to the Appeals Director along with the money, as I’d never met her before so wasn’t sure whether she had a sense of humour. However, I noticed that the receptionist was […]

St Richard’s Hospice

I went back to the hospice today give their Appeals Director all the donations which people so kindly gave in memory of Christopher – both at the crematorium and subsequently via the funeral director.  The total came to just under £1500, which I then matched. Together with whatever is raised by the scrapping of the […]

Farewell, little car

We bought our VW Polo new, 15 years ago. It’s been a super little car, with a very willing engine, but we really have run it into the ground. The electrics have been dodgy for years – the central locking hasn’t worked for ages, and the electric window in the driver’s door broke about seven […]

Sorting out the estate

I can see why solicitors charge a small fortune for acting as executors of a Will. It’s taking me around an hour a day, every day, to sort out Christopher’s estate – and that was with us knowing that he was dying so trying to get things straight beforehand. I’m trying to do one thing […]

Scattering the ashes

I spoke to the funeral directors today, and Christopher’s ashes will be ready for me to collect from them on Monday.  He was quite clear about what he wanted me to do with them, indeed we talked about it quite a bit over the past few months. He wants me to scatter his ashes, a […]