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{ Monthly Archives } February 2011

A sign of Spring

When Chris was first made redundant, in Autumn 2009, he was very keen to be seen to be pulling his weight as a “house-husband” and spent some time working in the garden. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm didn’t last as the misdiagnosed cancer was making him weaker. But he did spend a while planting dozens of crocus […]

Farewell Joan

Joan, the Australian cancer blogger I mentioned earlier this week, died today. My thoughts are with her husband Kevin and their family. Kevin blogged earlier this week about terminal agitation, and how the palliative care nurses explained to him what was going on and helped Joan cope with it. Chris also suffered from that in […]

Pacing myself

Work is completely frantic at the moment. It always is in the last quarter of the financial year – both the company and our main customer have financial years ending in March, so there is a huge pressure to get projects completed, research written up, and (most importantly!) invoices submitted. This year seems even worse […]

A tale of two blogs

There are, as I’m sure you can imagine, lots and lots of people “out there” blogging about living with (and indeed dying from) cancer. When Chris was first diagnosed we spent a while surfing the net reading about other people’s experiences. Many of the blogs we came across were too depressing, or not updated regularly, […]

Trying to Ignore Valentine’s Day

When I was a “smug married” (to quote Bridget Jones) we never really bothered with Valentine’s Day. Certainly not to the extent of supporting the totally OTT commercialization that surrounds it – tacky cards, overpriced flowers, and expensive dinners √† deux in restaurants full of loved-up couples – all of which we were happy to […]

Putting my guests to work

I had lightbulb blow last week, and it was in the most awkward place in the house – right at the top of the stairs in the extension. I simply couldn’t reach it either from the stairs or from the room above – I’m too short. So it was a temptation too great to resist […]

The pancakes were delicious

I’m pleased to report that¬† the new frying pan is much better than my grotty old one, and the pancakes that J. and P. cooked for breakfast yesterday were delicious. (J. did chunner a bit that since I’d told the world via this blog that pancakes were on the menu, she felt under pressure to […]

Christmas part two

My sister and her boyfriend are coming here for the weekend, bringing with them some of my Christmas presents that were too heavy and/or bulky for me to take back home on the train. It’s going to be like Christmas all over again, as I’ve actually forgotten what some of the presents are! I know […]