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{ Monthly Archives } August 2015

Talking Heads

This week at Malvern Theatres they’ve been showing Talking Heads by Alan Bennett. I remember these monologues from when they were originally shown on the TV in the late eighties, so thought it was worth a punt for a standby ticket for the Saturday Matinée. The stalls were less than half full, so I was able […]

Behind the scenes at the Staffordshire Hoard

I’ve been fascinated by the Staffordshire Hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold weapon mounts since its discovery by a metal detectorist was publicised in 2009. Christopher and I went to see it at a temporary exhibition in Stoke mid-way through his chemotherapy treatment in 2010, and had a thoroughly interesting time looking at it. That weekend ended unfortunately, with Christopher […]


The weather late yesterday afternoon was absolutely atrocious. There was a major storm, pretty much directly overhead, with non-stop lightning flashing between the clouds and thunder rolling around the hills. The wind was so strong that the trees in the wood opposite were thrashing around alarmingly, and indeed one came down and completely blocked my […]

Absent Friends

I generally enjoy an Alan Ayckbourn comedy, so when I saw that Malvern Theatres was showing Absent Friends, one I’ve not seen before, I decided to get myself a standby ticket to the Saturday matinée. His comedies are usually pretty dark, uncovering the unhappiness lying behind middle-class lives, and in particular middle-class marriages, and this […]

Traumatic Upgrade

Christopher’s iPad has finally reached the end of its usable life, after just over five years. It’s a first generation device, and I’ve not been able to upgrade the operating system or apps for a long while now. Apps and websites have gradually stopped working, so even though there’s nothing wrong with the hardware, it’s […]

Zapping the decorator

I have a regular annual booking with Rob, my trusty decorator, to keep on top of the paintwork of this house. There’s always something peeling or fading or needing attention. This year, my priority was to get the summerhouse sorted out. This is a rather lovely little Victorian shed on the topmost terrace of the […]

Christopher’s Tree

Christopher’s stepfather, Peter, goes to stay with some friends of his in mid-Wales for a week’s holiday most summers. To get there, he pretty much has to drive past the end of my road, so we try to meet up for a pub lunch either on his way there or as a stop on the […]

Mrs Warren’s Profession

I decided this morning that I’d not been to Malvern Theatre for a while, and that it was about time I had a look at what was available today as a standby seat at the matinée performance.The play turned out to be Mrs Warren’s Profession. George Bernard Shaw is not one of my favourite playwrights […]