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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011

Scattering the ashes part 3

One of the reasons for going to Cambodia was to scatter some of Christopher’s ashes at or near Angkor Wat – somewhere that had very firmly been on our list of places to visit. All through the holiday I kept thinking about how much Christopher would have loved it – he would have so enjoyed […]

Angkor Temples

I managed to see nine temples in the three days I was in Siem Reap – out of the thousand or so temples that are in the Angkor area. And, believe me, nine was enough – even I was getting all templed out by Boxing Day! They are all built on much the same plan, […]

Christmas Day – Fire!

On Christmas Day, I was one of the first guests down for breakfast. Most people were still sleeping off the Gala Dinner, but I had a full day of sightseeing planned and had agreed an early pick-up with my guide. So at about 07:30 I was finishing my third cup of tea, and just starting […]

A Khmer massage and Gala Dinner

I had a quick look at my photos yesterday, and they are going to need a bit of tweaking (cropping, straightening etc) before they’re fit to post here, and I doubt I’ll have time to do that before the weekend. So I’ll leave the descriptions of the temples until I can illustrate them. I got […]

Escaping Christmas

I really couldn’t face spending Christmas on my own here in the UK. Last year I went to Venice for the duration, which worked extremely well, but did have the major drawback that Italy is a Catholic country, so everything was closed on Christmas Day. I spent the day pottering up and down the Grand […]

Kitchen looked like an abattoir

After completely abdicating on the cooking front on Friday, and having left-over Chinese takeaway for Saturday lunch, I thought I’d better make an effort for Saturday dinner. That always used to be our big meal of the week, when Christopher cooked something special which required more effort than mId-week. It’s a tradition I’ve tried to […]

Staggering to a halt

Yesterday was my last day at work this year, as I’m taking two full weeks off on leave over Christmas and the New Year to recharge my batteries. I’ve had an extremely busy week, with several long days traveling to and from customer sites, all topped off by a report which was due yesterday. And […]

Counting the Calories

I have spent the last two nights away on business, staying at a Holiday Inn at a service area a few miles away from a customer’s site. That was slightly more salubrious than it sounds, as it was quite a nice service area, off an A-road not a motorway, but chosen by the company on […]

Sometimes it’s the little things

On the whole I think I’m doing OK. I’m finding this time of year hard, because it was just before Christmas two years ago that we discovered that Christopher had oesophageal cancer and our lives turned upside down. So Christmas brings with it some tough memories, which I’m in general facing up to. I’m working […]

Secret Santa Christmas Lunch

I missed my team’s Christmas lunch today, as I was at a project meeting at our Hampshire site all day so had to send my apologies. However, yesterday I had my first (and almost certainly last) Christmas lunch of the year, with a group of about 20 colleagues from work. I nearly called this post […]