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{ Monthly Archives } April 2015

The King’s Speech

Malvern Theatres has been showing The King’s Speech this week – the play of the film which was such a big hit a few years ago. I really wanted to go, but still don’t feel up to a late night out at the moment, and I’m busy this weekend so can’t go for my usual […]

Patching the Patchwork Quilt

When I first left home, many many years ago, my mother gave me a patchwork quilt which she had made for me. It’s a fascinating piece of family history to look at – it contains patches made from both my school dresses and those of my sister, fragments from skirts and dresses I associate with […]

Paxman-style Pants Rant

A few years ago, Jeremy Paxman was in the news complaining about the declining quality of his new M&S underwear. He was of the considered, and somewhat forcibly-expressed, opinion that they no longer provided “adequate support”. Being Paxman, he got a personal reply from the CEO of M&S and was invited to bring the offending […]


My first use of my Theatre Membership was to buy a standby ticket to the Saturday matinee performance of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. This is apparently meant to be “one of the greatest plays of the last century”, and I’m afraid to say that I’d never even heard of it. It’s probably not something I’d have […]

Theatre Membership

When Christopher was alive, we went so regularly to Malvern theatre that we spent many years as “Members”. One memorable year we were “Silver Members” which gave us I think 18 top price theatre tickets to be used as we chose over the course of a year, plus two free cinema tickets per week. Mostly […]

Retro Owl Cushion

I’ve had a very lazy few days off over Easter. Apart from the trip to the theatre on Saturday, and lunch with some friends on Sunday, I’ve largely just based myself at home, re-charging my batteries. One of the ways I like to unwind is by making things, and I was pleased to discover a […]

An afternoon of utter silliness

This week, Malvern Theatres has been showing Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense. I hadn’t originally intended to go – I have an absolute aversion to P.G. Wodehouse; can’t stand the silly-ass-about-town, thick-as-a-brick Bertie Wooster; and am totally unsympathetic to the parasitic lives of the upper-crust as portrayed in the novels, which I refuse on […]

Oven-glove Inertia

Nearly twenty years ago, shortly after Christopher and I were married, a deaf and dumb hawker came to the door of our flat selling household goods. Christopher was a much softer touch than me, and felt emotionally blackmailed into buying some oven gloves from him. It turned out to be a bad buy. As oven […]