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{ Monthly Archives } October 2015

Seventies Wallpaper

The electrician/handyman came round this afternoon from the local appliance showroom to install my new oven. This is what he found at the back of the cavity when he took the old broken oven out – it’s hard to imagine a more typically nineteen-seventies pattern! The kitchen must have looked absolutely hideous when the walls […]

Appliance conspiracy

I’ve been having real trouble with my kitchen appliances lately. In fact, it strongly feels like they’re conspiring together to cause maximum irritation! My washing machine has decided to leak intermittently all over the kitchen floor. I’ve spent hours watching it, trying to catch it in action, but it always waits until my back is […]

Who killed Tutankamun?

That’s the topic of this week’s “assignment” on the on-line course I’m doing. I really don’t know where to start with my objections to it! The evidence of how he died is very inconclusive for a start, and if medical experts can’t agree as to whether King Tut died from a traumatic head injury, a […]

Superpowers of the Ancient World

I’m doing another online course on the FutureLearn platform, this one on the Ancient Near East (Egyptians, Hittites and so on) in the Late Bronze Age. It’s run by the University of Liverpool, and I chose it because it’s a subject I’m interested in and already know a bit about. I’ve found bits of it […]