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{ Monthly Archives } March 2013

A rough week

Today was the last day of the Financial Year, both for my company and our main customers. So it has been absolutely manic recently. I have either been responsible for, or contributing to, a total of seven payment milestones across two projects, all of which were due to be delivered today. One of the project […]

In the nick of time

Well, that rerouting of the boiler condensate pipe really was done in the nick of time! There was in excess of 15cm of snow overnight and it kept snowing all morning today. It’s stopped for now, but there is more forecast for this evening and tomorrow. You wouldn’t think that it’s very nearly April given […]

Yet more work on the porch

Having spent what feels like most of last year trying to stop my porch from leaking in the rain, my builder and I have come to the conclusion that he’s done too good a job at making it watertight, and I now have a problem with condensation. So he’s been back this week to drill […]


One of Christopher’s favourite authors was Neil Gaiman, who writes what I suppose could loosely be described as fantasy novels, frequently much beloved by the geekily-inclined. I am a bit more ambivalent than Chris was, finding some of Gaiman’s stuff a bit hit-and-miss. However, I did discover his work a good few years before Chris […]

A chance meeting

I had three days of off-site customer meetings last week, so was staying at a hotel two hours away from home, a few miles from the customer’s site. Not at Fawlty Towers, for once, as this was a different customer in a different county, but the hotel was only marginally better. The service at dinner […]

The Inn at Welland

Ever since my favourite pub, the Plough and Harrow, closed I’ve been looking for an alternative place to go to for an occasional lunch/dinner with friends. The pub at the top of my hill is well within walking distance and serves good food, but it would be good to have other options on my shortlist. […]

Searching for a Roman Villa

There is a Roman villa somewhere at the foot of the Cotswolds outside Cheltenham that I remember Chris and I searching for years ago. The trouble was, although it was just off Ermin Street, so clearly a place of some importance 1700 years ago, times have moved on and now it’s pretty much in the […]

The Great British Menu

Over the last few weeks I’ve become absolutely gripped by The Great British Menu, weekdays at 19:30 on BBC2. Apparently, it’s been an annual event for quite a few years now, but I’ve never seen it before. It’s got some of the best chefs in the UK, most of whom have at least one Michelin […]

A taste reminding me of holidays

My holiday in Peru was hardly a gastronomic experience – the most positive adjective I could use to describe most of the food is “interesting”. But I did particularly enjoy one dessert – churros with chocolate. They were deep-fried sugared sticks of dough, like long thin doughnuts, and were the highlight of one otherwise unmemorable […]