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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

Mixed day

Hmm. What an odd day! I started this morning knowing I would be going out just before lunch to meet some friends, but I knew I would have plenty of time to start the day normally. I had just finished breakfast, and said goodbye to Gillian as she went to work, when I started feeling […]

Post chemo week 5 status

We’ve just got back from London, so this is going to be a short post, as there is plenty to do before heading off to bed. On Tuesday we went to a large local garden centre and bought some plants. We’ve been trying, with the help of a local gardening firm, to get the garden […]

Holiday: Cardiff Museum; Caerleon; and Caerwent

We arrived in Cardiff at lunch time on the first day of our holiday, checked into the hotel and went to find some lunch before meeting the rest of our party and heading off to the National Museum of Wales. We were shown the exhibits by various luminaries of the museum, including Richard Brewer and […]

Feeling like Wile E. Coyote

By Gillian You remember that cartoon with the roadrunner who always outsmarted the coyote? Well, I feel like the latter right now – as if I’ve been running & running and now I’ve run right off the edge of the adrenaline cliff. I’ve looked down and am standing on thin air….. I’d expected that now […]

Post chemo week 4 status

There isn’t a lot to report this week, although I wouldn’t say that it has been especially quiet. I’ve returned from holiday, had lunch with my sister and discovered that radiotherapy is another, unorthodox, way to get a tan. Our holiday finished on Wednesday, and we came home by train in the early afternoon, arriving […]

A family lunch

By Gillian Today we had lunch with Christopher’s sister, Sophie. We’ve not seen her for some time, and it was really good to catch up with her. She lives the other end of the country, so we met somewhere in the middle in a hotel just off the motorway. The food was nothing special, and […]

Back from holiday

Yesterday we got home from our coach holiday in Wales. It was something that we had planned would take place soon after my chemotherapy finished, back when I was coping quite well with it. At that time we were confident that it would be no problem at all, but the later cycles of chemotherapy were […]

Two squares

My back has been a little itchy recently, so after a quick scratch in the bathroom yesterday I asked Gillian if she could see anything funny about my back. “No,” she said, as I was walking out of the bathroom, “oh, wait a minute, there is something.” She had seen two perfect sunburnt squares on […]

Post chemo week 3 status

What a busy week! I’ve been out visiting several sites, of which I’ll write more and show pictures later. I’ve had dinner with my father, and generally had a very good week. The drugs have been working extremely well this week. I’ve suffered hardly any pain now that I’m taking the Oxycontin as well as […]

Dinner with my father

Recently I had dinner with my father. It has been a long time since we last saw each other, certainly long before my cancer was diagnosed, and I think he must have been anxious to see how I was getting on. The food was nothing much to write about, but we had a fine old […]