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Relativistic Cooking

I’ve been doing some more cooking from Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals. I don’t like the way that in many recipes he gets a lot of flavour in a very short cooking time by using lots of chilli – I can’t stand the stuff! But if one carefully reads the list of ingredients, his book contains a number of interesting chilli-free ideas that are quick and fairly easy to make – there’s simply not time in 15 minutes to go for any really complicated cooking techniques.  I’ve been away at a customer site again today, so wanted something quick to cook tonight. I went for a chicken breast with rosemary, on a bed of leeks, baby spinach and peas, with a potato, onion and sage gratin. It’s really tasty, completely chilli-free, and I’ve cooked it several times now. I know what I’m doing, and what the requisite timings are to get the potatoes fully cooked at the same time as the chicken.

I’ve come to the clear conclusion that it is physically impossible to cook it all in Jamie’s claimed 15 minutes. I’ve dropped one of the ingredients (there’s no need for bacon on top of the chicken) and even so the absolute minimum time I’ve got it down to is 22 minutes, and that leaves no time for clearing up as I go along, so the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it by the time I plate up the food. The only way the Jamie can possibly do it all in 15 minutes must be to move so fast from chopping board to hob to grill that he reaches relativistic speeds, and time dilates and slows down for him!  22 minutes doesn’t even leave enough time to pour a much-needed glass of wine after all that effort!

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  1. David A | 21 August 2013 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Jamie’s timings are ridiculous – I’m impressed you’ve got it down to 22 mins! I generally take ages cooking, though it gives me time to clear up as I go along (and manage a glass of wine) 😉