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{ Monthly Archives } November 2015

Side-effects of the Throwdown

I was back at Eastnor Pottery today, having my regular fix of pot-throwing. I was mostly just practising throwing cylinders and vases, and cutting them in half when I’d finished to check the profile. I’m still suffering from the curse of the “heavy bottom”, and there’s usually plenty of clay left at the bottom of […]

Chocolate mousse heaven

On Tuesday morning, I had a meeting with some potential suppliers at our Head Office in London. I’d never actually been to that office before, but it’s very central and handy for meeting visitors who might not want to trek all the way out to Malvern. Unfortunately, that means we have to trek in the […]

From one extreme to the other…

Well, I certainly can’t fault Malvern Theatres’ determination to cater for a wide spectrum of audience interests. Last week was highbrow; a neo-Shakespearean study of constitutional crisis. This week was quite the opposite – a stage show based on the 1997 film The Full Monty, marketed in the theatre publicity as “Not suitable for polite […]

The mice are back

The mice have clearly returned – even though the weather is surprisingly mild for the time of year, it’s still clearly chilly enough to send them scurrying indoors. They’ve been scrabbling around in the evenings above my chair in the living room, and spending their nights tap-dancing above my bed. I checked just a few […]

King Charles III

Yesterday afternoon I got myself a standby ticket to this week’s play at Malvern Theatres – King Charles III by Mike Bartlett. The performance was nearly sold out – I only managed to get a seat in row Q, much further back than usual. Normally the Saturday matinee performances are not much more than half full […]

The Great Pottery Throwdown

I popped along to Eastnor Pottery the other weekend, to pick up my latest set of fired pots, a stack of five serving bowls. The decoration is very simple, but really surprisingly effective, I think. I’m pleased with them anyway. While I was there, Jon the Potter asked if I would mind changing the date […]