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{ Monthly Archives } January 2013

A study day at the Petrie Museum

My father and I so enjoyed the study day at the Museum Of London that we went on a few months back, that we booked ourselves onto another study day. This was again organised through Andante Travels, my favourite holiday company, who specialise in archaeological trips. However, the weather up here in Malvern has been […]

It’s snow joke

For those of my colleagues who were wondering why I was logged on and working from home today, the above photo should give a clue! There was another 9cm of snow overnight, and it snowed lightly on and off all day. Some of the mounds where I’m piling up the shovelled snow are now nearly […]

The tallest Mohican in the car-park

I cleared the drive daily over the weekend. Friday was by far the hardest – thereafter the additional snowfalls were little more than an inch per day (and a bit less last night) so it was much easier to shovel it off the drive. Still unaccustomed exercise though! The roads were clear enough this morning […]

Digging out the car

Well, it snowed pretty much all day yesterday. I spent about two hours in the afternoon wielding a snow shovel, trying to clear the drive of about 4″ of snow. But more came down in the later afternoon and overnight, so I was back out again this morning, shifting a further inch. Fortunately, my neighbours […]

Snowed in

The weather warnings have been pretty specific – expect heavy snow all day today. Since I live right up on the hills, it was very likely that I’d get snowed in. It’s not just the steep main road which is the problem. I also have a rather steep section of my drive to get off […]

Back to earth with a bump

Well, that holiday was certainly something of an adventure! It’s been a real shock to be back home (it was snowing earlier today in contrast to the 30 degree heat of Peru), back at work (bidding again), and discussing the state of my porch roof with the builder (we’ve agreed to wait until the next […]

A final temple in central Lima

The city of Lima was founded by the Spanish on the site of an existing Inca and pre-Inca settlement, and some mud-brick ruins remain, somewhat incongruously squeezed in between residential buildings in the suburbs of Miraflores and San Isidro. Knowing I was interested in such things, my driver had taken me past one of the […]

The pyramid of the sun

The Temple of the Moon was on one side of a valley. On the valley floor were the remains of houses of the original inhabitants, and on the other side was the Temple of the Sun. Despite its name, given to it by the Spanish, it’s probably not a temple at all but more likely […]

The pyramid of the moon

On my last day in Trujillo, I was taken to a magnificent site called Huaca de la Luna, or Pyramid of the Moon. This is a site built by the Moche people, so dates from the first to eighth centuries AD. The mountain was apparently sacred to them, so they built a temple right at […]

An overnight stop in Trujillo

After visiting Chan Chan, I was taken to my hotel in Trujillo. It was a very comfortable hotel, just one block from the main square. I was shattered after a long day, and just wanted to collapse on my bed for an hour or so before dinner. But there was some renovation work going on […]