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{ Monthly Archives } July 2014

A second day in Colchester

My study day finished at 16:30, which was too late to head back all the way to Malvern that evening, especially as I was travelling by train. So I had planned to stay overnight in Colchester, and make my escape straight after breakfast the next morning. However, I found the study day so interesting, with […]

A walk around Roman Colchester

Talking of staycations, I’ve recently returned from a long weekend in Colchester. It’s not somewhere that would normally be top of my list of places to visit – it’s a rather tired garrison town in Essex, a good five hour journey from Malvern. However, my favourite holiday company, Andante, were running one of their Study […]

Christopher’s Tree in Summer

Christopher’s stepfather, Peter, has recently sent me a photo of “Christopher’s Tree” at his local woodland trust. It’s looking very healthy. I’ve not been able to get down to see it myself, so it’s really good to have photographic evidence of how well it’s doing.

Able to get away again

My new passport finally arrived back this week from the limbo that is the Passport Office. It took about five weeks, though at least they did text me occasionally through the process so that I knew I was “in the system”. I’ve felt surprisingly uneasy about not having a passport. It’s not that I was […]

A very middle-class problem

After at least eight years, my cleaners have just given notice. I’ve seen it coming for a while, but it’s still unfortunate and inconvenient. They are two sisters, who work together as a team, but their elderly mother has become extremely frail and has moved in with one of them, who now has become virtually […]

Licking the saucepan

I tried out a new recipe on Saturday, for Passionfruit Curd. Passionfruit seem to be in season at the moment, or at least they are plentiful and relatively cheap in Waitrose. I synthesised a recipe from several I found online, scaling the quantities down to something I though was manageable. I’ve never made a curd […]

I think it might have worked

Looks like I’ve successfully managed to update WordPress this time. Phew! Now I’ll have to wait and see if it is any more stable than the previous version. I find these things surprisingly stressful. Possibly because this is actually Christopher’s blog, not mine. I feel like I’m the caretaker of it for him, and so […]

Trying Again

I’m going to have another go at updating WordPress this weekend. If it works, I’ll post to say so. If it all goes horribly wrong, I suggest you give me a couple of weeks to lick my wounds, then do a search for “icyjumbo blog new location” as I may well have to try something […]

Nearly lost the blog!

I’ve been having problems with my blog for ages – the appearance keeps resetting to the default blue background, and I have to keep on manually changing it back. I hoped that upgrading WordPress to the latest version would help, but that meant waiting for my web host to upgrade the underlying database engine. It’s […]

New Loo

The toilet in what was Christopher’s bathroom has had a persistent leak for months. I’ve had a plumber take a look at it three times now, but it was apparently unfixable. To be fair, it was a very old toilet, and I’m not particularly surprised the innards had corroded solid. When we bought this cottage […]