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{ Monthly Archives } February 2016

Puncture Aftermath

Paul mentioned in a comment below that my sorry story of the hire car puncture is a very good reason to insist on having a proper spare tyre when buying a new car. My parents would totally agree with him. They bought a new car towards the end of last year, and the subject of […]

Round and Round the Garden

I’ve been working flat out on equipment trials for the past two weeks, and I’ve got another one starting next week, so I’m pretty much run off my feet at work at the moment. I decided that I could really do with a complete change of pace over the weekend, so yesterday I looked up […]


It’s coming up to the end of the Financial Year, which means I’m working flat out undertaking equipment trials and writing up final reports on my various projects. For the past two weeks, I’ve largely been based at a customer site near Cambridge, staying in a Premier Inn at a rather grotty service station, and […]

Another Girls’ Gluttonous Weekend Away

It seems as if this past year has gone very quickly. Last weekend was my now-annual visit to the Pudding Club with a group of colleagues and ex-colleagues. This was my fourth visit, though I’m still a newbie compared to many of the gang – the stalwart who organises our annual trip is on her […]

A very tasteless game

Over the Christmas holidays I came across a very addictive game for my iPad (versions available on other platforms) called Plague Inc. It’s a strategy game, whereby you initially infect Patient Zero somewhere in the world with a weak strain of a disease, and then evolve the disease’s abilities with the aim of wiping out all […]