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{ Monthly Archives } December 2015

Christmas in North Cyprus

Last year, I spent Christmas in North Cyprus, doing very much the B list sites. I enjoyed the holiday, especially the hotel which was ideally situated just minutes from the little harbour in Kyrenia. But I didn’t want to repeat the same itinerary, which really did concentrate on some very minor sites indeed. So way back […]

Fuschia in December

It’s the week before Christmas and still extremely mild. I’m still using my summer-weight duvet, when normally by this time of the year I’m snuggling with a full 13-tog winter-weight quilt plus a blanket on top. My garden clearly has no idea of the seasons. I’m not entirely sure I can spell “fuschia”, but I’ve […]


I really don’t like this time of year. It’s not just the short days, dark evenings and persistent fog. Or even the rampant consumerism and tacky decorations wherever you look. It’s more that it reminds me forcibly of when Christopher got diagnosed, out of the blue, in the week before Christmas. It doesn’t help that […]

Muji Models

The weather these last few weekends has been pretty miserable, so I thought I’d break out the last of my Muji Model kits, which I’ve been saving for a wet weekend. For the past few Christmases, my parents have given me a selection of these cardboard model kits. As an engineer, I find them extremely […]