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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

Embroidering a horse’s backside

In the end, I didn’t do anything to the jigsaw on Monday. Instead, I spent the day embroidering a horse’s backside! The story started years ago, when Chris and I were on holiday in Normandy and visited Bayeux. We naturally went to see the Bayeux Tapestry, and I was very taken with a kit I […]

Banished to the spare room

The mice are back! I first noticed them last Wednesday night. When I say “noticed”, that is an understatement. They were partying hard directly above my bed every half an hour from midnight through to 4am. So just when I thought they’d finished and I was about to drop off to sleep, they would start […]

Door to door salesman

I get very few cold-callers coming to my door. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t bother coming this far out of town – too few souls to save to make it worth their while. There is the occasional lost tourist who wants pointing towards the pub, or a delivery-man looking for directions to one of my […]

A bank holiday, did you say?

I think I am burying myself perhaps too deeply in this dratted bid. I had a teleconference with the customer today, at which I explained that the consortium were providing me with some critical information by the end of Friday, so I would be in a position to collate it and send it through to […]

One thing after another

It’s been one of those days today. I must have run over a nail sometime on the way to or from work yesterday, without noticing, with the result that I had a flat tyre this morning. Fortunately it was only a slow puncture, and the nail was still stuck in situ, so with the help […]

Medicinal chocolate cake

I wandered over to the work’s canteen mid-morning, looking for a sugar-hit to get me through the morning. I swear the canteen manager has got the measure of me, because there were some delicious-looking slices of freshly-baked chocolate cake on display which I simply couldn’t walk past! For medicinal purposes only of course! And it […]

Coffee, chocolate and paracetamol

I got through last week ok and have been back at work since Thursday, dealing with the major bid which has very compressed timescales. It would be pretty stressful anyway, quite apart from the added complication of the time of the year. I’m really tired and am keeping going with the unholy trinity of coffee, […]

Chedworth Roman Villa

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Christopher’s death, and I’m feeling an awful lot better than I did this time last year. However, I knew I would still be feeling somewhat wobbly, so I have consigned the bid into the capable hands of two of my colleagues and taken a few days off work. Mind […]

Every single time

My sister has come to stay for a few days to keep me company over the anniversary of Christopher’s death. Rather than simply sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves,  or vegetating in front of the Olympics on the TV, I thought we actually ought to do something positive. So I booked us an early dinner […]

Summer Bidding

My main customer works to an annual budgeting cycle, which means that the same activities seem to happen at roughly the same time every year. Two years ago I was working on a major bid, at the same time as Christopher was dying in the hospice. I would go into work in the morning, sort […]