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{ Monthly Archives } September 2014

Back at the Pottery

Jon the Potter at Eastnor Pottery generally doesn’t run his throwing workshops over the summer, finding that there is more demand for family and child-centric activities over the holidays. However, now that the schools are back, he’s restarted his weekend throwing courses and workshops aimed at adults. I was keen to get back into the […]


The new cleaners have got off to a somewhat shaky start. They certainly turn up on time every week, are much more reliable in that respect than my previous cleaning company. And they do a pretty good job at keeping the house relatively clean. However, there was a definite problem last week that has led […]

Adrian’s Wall

There is a brand new play on at Malvern Theatres this week, by their Writer in Residence, Nick Wilkes. Last time Malvern Theatres had a resident playwright, it was George Bernard Shaw, so this new guy has quite a bit to live up to! This new play was billed as a comedy, so I thought […]

The Monogram Murders

There is a new Hercule Poirot murder mystery story just published. The literary estate of Agatha Christie has finally given in to the lures of a follow-on, and commissioned Sophie Hannah to write a new book in the style of Agatha Christie. I thoroughly enjoy a classic Christie murder mystery, and I think I must […]

The Potato Lorry Mystery – Solved!

It’s potato harvest season again. As I mentioned last year, every ten minutes from dawn to dusk, a tractor with a heavily loaded trailer full of potatoes goes down the hill past my house, and returns later back up the hill with a heap of potato-free soil in the trailer. This goes on daily for […]

The Return of the Verminator

The mice in the loft have been a real nuisance this summer. They start their scrabbling about 11:30pm and keep going intermittently until about 4am – all directly above my bed. It’s the intermittent bit that’s really the problem – I can generally ignore a constant background noise when I’m trying to get to sleep, […]