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{ Monthly Archives } November 2012

Not exactly a priority

My builder phoned this evening to discuss my leaking porch, and to reassure me that he hasn’t forgotten me. I bet he hasn’t, when I still owe him money awaiting satisfactory completion of the job. It was pouring with rain again on Sunday, and I marked up the leaks – plural – with yellow dots […]

Christopher’s Tree

A few weekends ago, Christopher’s step-father, Peter, phoned for a chat. Apropos of nothing much, he asked me “What was Christopher’s favourite tree?” Well, that stumped me! Christopher and I talked about many things in the twenty years we had together, but I don’t think we ever discussed favourite trees…..  After frantically thinking for a […]

Pots and Plates

Jon the Potter has put up on his blog a link to some photos he took during the pottery workshop last weekend. There are a couple of snaps of my pots which I have shamelessly copied. I was clearly in a blue-and-yellow mood that day! There are three pots, each with a matching lid that […]

Spoke too soon

It was pouring with rain at 6 o’clock this morning, and I was standing on a chair in the porch in my dressing gown, with a torch, marking up the locations of the drips. Green dots this time. Clearly, it’s not fixed yet…….. This saga will run and run…….

It poured with rain on Friday night……

It poured with rain on Friday night, really tipped it down on occasions. I went into the porch with a torch, looking for damp patches and leaks, but couldn’t see any! The porch roof actually seemed to be water-tight! Mind you, I don’t want to be over-hasty in declaring the problem fixed. As PaulD pointed […]

The mice are back – with their friends

When Tim the pest controller visited last time, he predicted that the mice would be back in November, and I had a note pencilled in my diary to give him a pre-emptive call this month. But then I started hearing scrabbling sounds at night again, which indicated that the mice were back. I phoned Tim […]

Finishing my pots

I was back at Eastnor Pottery again today, finishing off the pots and plates which I threw last month. The idea is that you put the “leather-hard” pots back on the wheel-head, upside down, then get them exactly centred (not easy, particularly if the pot is a bit wobbly) and stick it in place with […]

Very quick and easy baked apple

At this time of year, cooking apples seem to be pretty cheap and plentiful, and I’ve always enjoyed a baked apple for dessert. But I really can’t be bothered to wait for the oven to heat up and then bake an apple from scratch, especially not mid-week when my energy and patience are typically pretty […]

Sunday chores up a ladder

Far from being a day of rest, Sunday is my day for doing the chores around the house. The usual sort of thing – changing the bedclothes, doing the laundry, putting the bins out ready for bin-day on Monday, paying bills, and generally keeping on top of household things that need sorting out. Which this […]

Marking-up the porch floor

The saga of my leaking porch roof is still ongoing. I’ve withheld a sum of money from the builder’s most recent invoice until the leak is fixed to my satisfaction, and in the meantime I’m noting the effects of each rainstorm with coloured sticky spots indicating the centre of each puddle on the porch floor. […]