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Bird Bath

I heard a distinctly odd scrabbling sound this afternoon, which sounded as if it was coming from the bathroom. Odd. On further investigation, it was definitely coming from under the bath. Even odder. My first thought was that somehow a mouse had got in there. The main stop-tap is under the bath, so there’s a […]

Exploding Cistern

The water pressure was low most of Monday, and then went off entirely for a couple of hours. Apparently it was a problem with a valve on the water mains, and they had to dig up the road yet again to try to fix it. However, the water did eventually come back on later that […]

Sorting out the IT

Managing the home computer network was always very much Christopher’s role. The network around the house developed organically over the years, and is a mixture of wifi, wired Ethernet and Home Plugs (i.e. Ethernet over the ring main). He never explained it all to me properly (or if he did, I wasn’t listening), so I […]

No User Serviceable Parts Inside

I’ve already had the first domestic disaster of the year. On New Year’s Day, my tumble dryer stopped working, with a soggy load of towels inside and another load in the washing machine. It looked to be electrically dead – no lights on the front panel at all. I tried changing the fuse in the […]

Merry Mouse-Free Christmas

I received a Christmas card last week from Peter, Christopher’s stepfather. In it he wished me a happy and mouse-free Christmas. Well, you can guess what happened next. Almost immediately, the tell-tale scrabbling sounds started from my loft – this time directly above my chair in the living room. The mice were clearly planning a […]

The end of the Shower Saga?

I took yet another half day off work, and the plumber finally came back to put silicone sealant around the edge of the shower. Of course, I wasn’t able to use it immediately – the sealant takes about 24 hours to cure fully, so I had to wait before I could test out the new […]

Edging closer to a functional shower…..

The saga of replacing the shower still isn’t over, though I hope I can see the end in sight at last. The plumber has been back to grout the tiles, and has actually done a pretty reasonable job. The new tiles don’t match the original ones, as those are now obsolete. Fortunately, however, I had […]

Slow Shower Progress

I’m inching forward with getting the shower fixed, though it’s still far from usable. Today, the plumber came back and re-tiled the area around the new shower (which was installed a few weeks ago; I’ve been waiting for the plaster to dry out as it got rather damp due to the old shower leaking behind the […]

Ongoing shower issues

I’ve had the plumber round to replace the built-in shower in the ensuite. As I feared, it’s not proved to be straightforward. I knew the old shower had been leaking down in front of the tiles. What’s clearly apparent now is that it’s also been leaking behind the tiles, and probably has been doing so […]

Two showers working, one more to go

I can confirm that tying the shower head in place with a J-cloth is not a satisfactory solution to a broken shower clamp. Fortunately, Rob the decorator was able to fit in a spot of handyman duties, and came round to sort out the new fittings after he’d finished painting for the day. I was […]