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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

Collected audio recordings

The good folk at Librivox have put together a collection of all of Christopher’s recordings for them, together with a CD cover and album art. It’s all available here: There’s a whole variety of things he did for them – poems, book chapters and a couple of whole books. It’s great to have […]

The funeral

I was amazed at the turn-out at the crematorium yesterday – standing room only! Thank you so much to all who were able to come, some of whom I know drove long distances to be with us. I really appreciated the efforts you all made, and I know that Chris would have too. And thank […]

Thank you all so much

By Gillian Thank you for all the letters, emails, cards and blog comments which you have sent me over the last few days. Thank you for the flowers, the photographs of Chris at university before I knew him, and the pancakes left on my door step. Thank you for the donations in his memory to […]

Funeral Arrangements

Christopher’s funeral will be held at Worcester crematorium at 2pm on Tuesday 17th August. Family flowers only please. We were so pleased with the care that hospice showed us in the last two weeks of his life, that instead of flowers I should like to invite donations to St Richard’s Hospice, care of Holland Funeral […]

Christopher Booth 1964 – 2010

Christopher died peacefully at 2pm this afternoon, 7th August. His sister was in time to say her goodbyes. I was with him to the end. He was calm and did not suffer at all. I’m too upset to manage more than a short post, but I want you to know that we both have drawn […]

A quiet night

Chris passed a much quieter and more peaceful night last night. I got a lovely surprise in the evening when my friend Sam turned up with a meal courtesy of our favourite pub – the Plough and Harrow at Guarlford. That was delicious and really lifted my spirits. Thanks J and Mike! My sister is […]

Family visits only this weekend please

Many thanks to those of you who have visited Chris this week. For those of you where he was awake, I know he appreciated your visits. Let us hope that even when he was unconscious he felt your good wishes. It’s now got to the stage where his family need to come and say goodbye. […]

End of life management

Things went from bad to worse overnight. Chris was very agitated and kept trying to climb out of bed – despite the guard rails being up. That’s how he keeps falling of course. He was very confused and unaware of his surroundings. A nurse and I were with him the whole night, and I got […]

The best-laid plans of mice and men…

By Gillan Late this afternoon I was given a lift home by a friend. I put on the laundry, updated the blog, made some phone-calls and emails. Then I raided the fridge and larder to see what was still in date that I could call supper. Just then the hospice phoned. Chris had got very […]

Hospice update, day 11

By Gillian I’ve spent all week at the hospice, from Monday morning continuously until this afternoon. Chris was so unstable, changing from hour to hour, that I did not feel it was reasonable to leave him. And until we’d heard what the consultant said, we didn’t know exactly what we were facing. Now we do….. […]