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{ Monthly Archives } July 2016

Finally Finishing the Bedroom

Rob the decorator has been here for the last two weeks, finishing off the job started by the builders who replaced the bedroom windows. They had left the woodwork primed but unpainted, and had also made a right mess of the wallpaper around the window frames. Bedroom 1 was last decorated when Christopher and I […]

Rail Chaos

I had a meeting in Oxford on Tuesday, at a joint industry/academia forum that I’m a member of. As a city, it’s actively hostile to cars, and the university has very limited parking to offer visitors, so the most sensible option was to go by rail. The train was spot on time on the way […]

Early morning excitement

My trip to Brighton necessitated an overnight stay, which turned out to be more of an issue than I had expected. I have to book hotels via work’s online travel agent, and usually that’s no problem. However, it was Conference Season in Brighton, and all the main hotels had either no online availability, or were […]

A Trip to Brighton 

My job seems to involve visiting a lot of universities at the moment – this week it was the University of Sussex at Brighton. The journey to Brighton from Malvern is an absolute pig – I’m not happy to drive that far at the moment, and there is no easy route by rail. The quickest […]

Just one tradesman-free day…..

The carpenter finally left on Tuesday, having fitted all four windows and repaired the rotten wood on the porch. He’s left all the woodwork primed, ready for Rob to paint. Wednesday was thankfully tradesman-free, but then the next lot were round on Thursday to upgrade the radiator controls. I had decided to take advantage of […]

Windows Update

No, not that annoying message from Microsoft trying to force you to upgrade to Windows 10. Rather, an update on the ongoing saga of getting my bedroom windows replaced. In previous years, when I have had my kitchen, utility room and bathroom windows replaced by the same company, it’s always gone very smoothly with minimum […]