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Locked in the Ladies

I’d arranged to meet an ex-colleague of Christopher’s today for lunch – in fact he was one of the friends who spoke at the funeral. I’d chosen a pleasant little restaurant in Malvern which was one of Christopher’s favourites – it does good Mediterranean-style food at a reasonable price.

My work laptop broke this morning, and I’d had to take it along to the on-site repair centre to have M$ Office rebuilt, so I left early for lunch and got to the restaurant before Neil. Great, just time to pop upstairs to the loo before meeting him for lunch. But as I closed and locked the door behind me, the lock came off in my hand! I tried to put it back, but the shaft it fitted onto had pushed itself through the door out of reach. I was well and truly locked in!

There was no one else upstairs, and it was still early for lunch so the restaurant wasn’t busy. It could be a while before someone else’s bladder drove them upstairs and they found me….. I hammered on the door quite loudly. Then when that got no immediate reply, I hammered out SOS in Morse very loudly.  That hurt my knuckles, but got a speedy response, and the chef/proprietor soon released me. He was extremely apologetic, and I was just relieved to get let out again.

After that unwarranted excitement, I had a very pleasant lunch with Neil. There was no point hurrying back to work, as I’d been told that it would take a while for them to do my laptop, so we had a leisurely meal and coffee, catching up on several months worth of news and gossip. I enjoyed it – but next time I’ll try to be less heavy-handed with the lock on the loo door!

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  1. PaulD | 12 June 2011 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

    Good to see you didnt leave in the mass exodus, good to know someones still there earning money for company.

    I remember dropping my works laptop onto concrete, took a corner a bit to fast with Tony’s trolley when moving office once 🙂

    I’ve also been locked in toilets, can be quite panicky situation when you realise the door wont open, luckily I managed to get my hand underneath and pull it open. The other time I accidentally walked into a womans toilets and thought it odd that there weren’t any proper urinals, so I went into a cubicle then got stuck there when several women came in and started chatting. I had to wait until toilets empty before making an escape.