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The garden: preferred solution

I’ve blogged about the solutions that Chris and I had considered for the garden and rejected. That made me explicitly consider what I needed from a potential solution:

  • Affordable
  • Less ugly than the current concrete blocks
  • Low (or preferably zero)  maintenance
  • Taking up as little additional space as possible

I put these constraints to  the landscape gardener, and challenged him to come up with a solution. And he did! I’ve included some engineering drawings of the solution. The drawings are copyright Geomex Ltd, whom I commissioned to do the survey.

Cross-section of the proposed solution

The idea is to lay galvanised  steel I-beams against the existing blocks, and concrete the bottom of them into the underlying rock. Then reclaimed railway sleepers will be slotted into the I-beams.

I can either leave it plain, which should at least be less ugly than the bare blocks, or attach vine-eyes to the sleepers and grow climbers up it. Probably the latter, as I think that would be more interesting to look at.

I’ve had acknowledgment from the Council that they’ve received my planning application. So now it’s  case of waiting until I hear whether they’ll agree to it.



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  1. PaulD | 5 June 2011 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

    or move house ?, LOL.

    Watch out for railway sleepers from eastern block, wasnt there something about a batch of radioactive ones on news some time back

  2. Carol L | 6 June 2011 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    So it stabilises the existing solution and gives you a chance to cover it up….
    And the picket fence adds something nicer to look at.
    I’ll come up with a list of climbers that will cope with shade for you.