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sharp knives again at last

Chris not only used to do all the cooking, but he was in charge of just about everything in the kitchen, including the knives. He was very fussy about keeping them sharp, saying that a blunt knife does more damage than a sharp one. He had a steel, which he used regularly (at least weekly, if not more often) on all the knives.

Unfortunately, I never got the hang of using the steel. I did try, several times over the past months, but it was a complete disaster. Partly, I think, down to sheer ineptitude on my part, but also I suspect because Chris was right handed, whilst I am very firmly left handed. So I think I must be holding the steel at a different angle to how he used to. Whatever the excuse, whenever I tried to use the steel, I ended up taking the edge off the knives rather than sharpening them! I also learned the truth of his adage, through doing my right (non-chopping) hand considerable damage by slipping when slicing vegetables with  increasingly blunt knives.

It is clearly uneconomical to keep buying new knives whenever the old ones get dangerously blunt, so I had to do something about it. So last weekend I bought myself a fool-proof ambidextrous knife-sharpener. It works remarkably well, and a few minutes work on Sunday got all my knives back to an adequately sharp state. I tested them by slicing some tomatoes for a  salad lunch, and they passed with flying colours.


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  1. David A | 11 June 2011 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    There’s definitely a knack to using a steel, which I don’t really have either – but I think they work best when used very frequently on knives that are already ‘nearly sharp’. I have a fancy contraption ( which can resurrect blunt, chipped knives, but it’s slow and fiddly. I normally use one of the easy ceramic wheel ones to give each knife a quick boost before use.