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The mice are back – yet again

It’s only about eight weeks since I last had Martin the Mouse-Killer around to do his stuff. But the weather has been so wet recently that the mice have taken refuge in my loft yet again. They’ve been holding evening cocktail parties above my chair in the living room, followed by all-night roller-discos directly above my bed. At least, that’s what it sounds like!

I am so pleased that I have Martin on an annual rolling contract to deal with the mice. I texted him yesterday asking for some help, and he came round first thing this morning to have a look. That’s what I call good service! He opened up the loft hatch to investigate, and said “Hmm, yes, you’ve had quite a lot of ‘activity’ up here – I can smell it”. At which point a very dead mouse dropped out of the loft onto the hall carpet!

He’s put a load more poison down, which should quieten the activity for a while. I expect I’ll see him again in another six to eight weeks – and I’ve asked him to bring the annual invoice with him next time. My contract is due to end in November, and I’ve told him already that I’ll definitely be renewing it!