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White Van Tetris

This morning I had the gardener and a team of plumbers working on the house and garden. Which led to a new record for the number of vehicles squeezed onto my drive – two cars and three vans. And of course you could be sure that whichever vehicle was the most blocked in belonged to the person who needed to be elsewhere. So we all spent much of the morning shuffling my car and their vehicles around to let people out!

The bathroom is gradually coming along, although much more slowly than I’d hoped. The new bath is in place, though without any taps as yet. There is new laminate flooring, which looks much better than the old vinyl, and they are now fitting some low-maintenance plastic panels to the wall. This is apparently the latest thing, replacing tiles, with no grout that needs cleaning, just a wipe-down surface. It’s a bit bling-tastic, and is proving something of a pain to fit – they are beginning to realise that no surface in my house is perpendicular to any other one….