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Finally finished the bathroom

I originally called in the plumbers way back in May. And as of last Friday they finally left. The leak behind the bath must have been going on for many years. It took nine weeks with a dehumidifier just to dry out the bathroom so that work could commence repairing it – the first five weeks to get the walls dry, and then another four weeks to get rid of the indoor pool that was lurking underneath the floorboards! My electricity bill has gone up by £20/month just running the dehumidifier!

I have to say that the so-called “family bathroom” does look much better now. It’s got wipe-clean mould-resistant walls, new flooring, and a smart new bath. I also took advantage of having a plumber on site to get them to look at the shower room in the extension too. There was a rotten floorboard there too, presumably resulting from the leak I had there a few years back. Since the plumbers had nearly a whole pack of flooring left over from doing the main bathroom, I got them to fix the floorboard and redo the flooring in the shower room too.

It was a long drawn out, challenging and expensive job. But I do at least now have all three of my bathrooms working fully for the first time in many months. Phew.