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One of Christopher’s favourite authors was Neil Gaiman, who writes what I suppose could loosely be described as fantasy novels, frequently much beloved by the geekily-inclined. I am a bit more ambivalent than Chris was, finding some of Gaiman’s stuff a bit hit-and-miss. However, I did discover his work a good few years before Chris […]

The porta-booth revealed

As requested, here is a picture of my porta-booth. I have been using it for most of my recordings recently, which I do in the larder. It’s not a great room for recording, as it has far too many hard, reflective surfaces in it, but the porta-booth does a good job of damping down the […]

My new porta-booth

I built a porta-booth the other day, and was agog to test it out. I made two recordings in very similar, horribly challenging, conditions. For both of the recordings I was within 10 feet of a fridge whose motor was running, and I could hear vehicles passing outside the house. Each recording has a maximum […]