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Here we go again

Oh well, back in to lockdown. Not that I was going anywhere anyway. I’ve been pretty much snowed in for the past week. We had about 7cm (3”) of snow up here on the hills on Monday and Tuesday last week, which still hasn’t completely melted yet. The council did a good job at keeping the main road clear, but I have a shortish but steep drive down onto the road, and that was completely impassable.

It would have taken well over an hour to dig the car out, and there isn’t really anywhere to go at the moment. So I just stayed put. I reckoned that, as long as the Morrison’s food delivery I had ordered for last Tuesday was able to get through, and didn’t have too many items missing, then I had no need to go out. And fortunately, in the middle of a blizzard on Tuesday lunchtime, the van turned up, right at the beginning of my appointed delivery slot. The driver said that he had ignored his planned route, which took him to some lower-lying villages first, in favour of ticking me off his list before the conditions got worse! That was very sensible of him, as he would have struggled getting up the big hill an hour later in the face of driving snow.

Now the drive is nearly clear, and certainly passable, but I’m still not going anywhere because we’re back in lockdown. I’ve been back at work since yesterday, but not actually in work – my dining room table is once again substituting for the office. Presumably until at least mid February. Or March. Or April. Depending on which of the vacillating politicians one believes.

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  1. pauld | 7 January 2021 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    You’ll probably come out of lockdown and drop down inti teir 4.

    Amazes me how we pay these idiots over £85k a year to produce documents and guidelines that are so ambiguous and open to interpretation, probably cut and paste job like brexit deal.