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Chocolate mousse heaven

On Tuesday morning, I had a meeting with some potential suppliers at our Head Office in London. I’d never actually been to that office before, but it’s very central and handy for meeting visitors who might not want to trek all the way out to Malvern. Unfortunately, that means we have to trek in the other direction, and the trains between Malvern and London are not particularly reliable. In order to be moderately sure of making my 09:00 meeting in central London, I would have had to have caught the first train at stupid o’clock in the morning, and I’m simply not prepared to do that! Instead, I booked myself into centrally-located but rabbit-hutch sized hotel room for Monday night, and travelled down at a much more sensible time of day. 

As it turned out, my sister (who works in central London) was free that evening, so we agreed to meet up for an early dinner before she commuted back home. We went to Smolensky’s on the Strand, a steakhouse/burger joint that seemed to be very popular with pre-theatre diners as it’s almost directly opposite the Adelphi Theatre. It’s been years since I last ate there, but I do remember that the chocolate mousse was absolutely gorgeous. The waitress gave us a funny look when we asked to see the dessert menu before we’d even ordered the main course – but we wanted to plan ahead. We could see from the size of plates being served to the pre-theatre diners around us that the portion size for the mains was on the large side, so two courses were going to be a realistic maximum; either starter & main, or main & dessert. The presence of chocolate mousse on the dessert menu clinched that one – we each went for a “fully-loaded” burger and chips, followed by chocolate mousse. I’m pleased to be able to report that the chocolate mousse was still as gorgeous as I remembered. Very light and smooth, but deeply chocolatey and remarkably filling. I gave it a good try, but couldn’t finish my portion. It was just as well I’d not had a starter! 

It was great to be able to catch up with my sister and have a proper gossip over dinner. We’ve both been so busy this year that we’ve not managed to meet up for months. And I was pleased that Smolensky’s had kept the same recipe for chocolate mousse since last time I ate there!