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How the Other Half Loves

After a disappointingly barren summer,  Malvern Theatres has had a couple of interesting things on in quick succession. This week’s offering was How the Othe Half Loves, the 1969 Alan Acykbourn classic. Apparently, it had a prolonged and critically acclaimed run in London last year,and is now on tour around the country – although with […]

Private Lives

I’ve not been to the theatre for a while – they didn’t have anything particularly interesting on over the summer. But now that the schools have gone back, and the autumn season at the theatre has started, there’s a few things coming up that look interesting. Last week’s offering was Private Lives by Noël Coward. […]

Strictly Murder

My sister very kindly renewed my Malvern Theatres membership for my birthday last month, so yesterday I took myself off to the matinee of this week’s production, Strictly Murder. It’s a thriller, set in rural France in the immediate run- up to the outbreak of WWII. Peter and Suzy are a British couple, living in […]

A Judgement in Stone 

Malvern Theatres has put on a few plays over the years from the Agatha Christie Theatre Company. They seem to have run out of Agatha Christies plays to produce, however (which surprises me somewhat as she wrote dozens of books), and have now metamorphosed into the Classic Thriller Theatre Company. Their first production in this reincarnation […]


Many years ago, when I was in the sixth form at school, one of the other girls was studying for some sort of drama exam. I forget exactly what – my school certainly wasn’t relaxed enough to offer drama or theatre studies as an A-level, even if such a thing had existed back then. But […]

Not Dead Enough

Panto season is finally over at the Malvern Theatre’s, and they’re back to showing things I might actually want to watch. This week’s performance was Not Dead Enough, a murder mystery adapted for the stage from a book by Peter James. This is apparently the third in a series of “Detective Roy Grace” novels to […]

Who Killed Santa Claus?

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the theatre, and I certainly don’t intend to go there over the Christmas season, when all that’ll be on is The Panto. Not my cup of tea at all. The actors for that are already in town, and the principals (some minor stars from children’s TV) turned […]

Woman in Mind

I had something of a dilemma at the weekend. On the one hand, I’ve got a heavy cold that I just can’t shake, and was feeling really grotty, so I wanted to have a really quiet weekend and snuffle my way through it with strepsils, mugs of honey&lemon, and boxes of extra-soft tissues. On the […]

Chinese State Circus

I rather enjoyed watching the Olympic gymnastics on the telly last month, so when I saw that the Chinese State Circus was in town, at the Malvern Theatres, I thought I’d treat myself to a standby ticket to today’s matinee. Normally, when I go to a Saturday matinee at the theatre, it’s full of coach […]

Present Laughter

I’ve not been to the Malvern Theatres for a while, as there’s been a bit of a dull patch in their programme, with little that I’m interested in. This week though they did have a play showing that I particularly wanted to watch, so I used my theatre membership card to buy myself a standby […]