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A busy weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. I met up with an ex-colleague of Christopher’s for lunch yesterday. He left the company around the same time that Chris did, and moved away from Malvern, so we only get to meet up about once a year. We went to lunch at the pub at the top of the hill, which has a new chef since last time I was there. I wasn’t very hungry, so just had two starters. One was pear poached in red wine (usually a dessert dish in my experience) with Parma ham and blue cheese. The other was ham, chips, pea purée and a fried quails egg. The portions were both pretty small, but beautifully presented, and the two together made a decent-sized lunch. They were both delicious, particularly the poached pear. But then that is one of my all-time favourite dishes. It was good to meet up again with our friend, and to catch up with all his news. After lunch we sat for ages over a coffee just chatting, which was nice.

Today, I was back at Eastnor Pottery. I had a large number of pots which I threw a month ago, which all needed turning to tidy them up and then decorating. I sat in the corner and just got on with it, while Jon the Potter was teaching the second day of a two-day throwing course. The other six people were also at the stage of turning and decorating the pieces which they threw yesterday. I always feel a bit of a fraud when Jon introduces me as “This is Gillian. She’s been coming here for so long she’s virtually a professional”, because I know that I’m nowhere near that standard. But I do know what I’m doing, and generally if I have an image in my head of what I’m trying to make I can get somewhere close. I ended up with thirteen pieces – jugs, mugs, bowls and candlesticks – all neatened and decorated. By then it was nearly 3pm and I was absolutely shattered. I’ve left them all with Jon to be dried out and fired, and I hope that they will all be ready in time for Christmas, especially since most of the pieces are destined to be Christmas presents.